Landscape Designing

We provide Landscape design service in both 2D and 3D renderings. Judicious Beautification of the premises is our utmost priority. We understand the scope of work, which requires extensive thought process. We take note of the project schedule and client requirement for the completion of the Design Consultation stages. Our team will work in coordination with the representatives and decision makers from client end and the project team at site. We will be visiting the site to understand the site situation, Landscape area, soil conditions and other parameters which will help us to prepare the detailed analysis of the project site, thus resulting in a beautiful and practicable Landscape design.

Initial Landscape design will be done in 2D along with detailed presentation of the features. Upon the presentation of basic concept and approval from the client, further detailing of the same will be done along with 3D walkthrough for better understanding of the concept. Final design with Bill of Quantities and Estimate will be delivered for the approval of further development.

Landscape Development

We undertake all sorts of Landscape development works. Our services extend to:

  • Hardscape: Construction of Landscape elements like Pergola, Gazebo, Water-bodies, Pathways, Driveways and Garden seats.
  • Softscape: Supply and installation of Trees, Palms, Specimens, Shrubs, Ground Covers and Lawn.
  • Irrigation: Supply and installation of Automated/Manual Irrigation systems.
  • Lighting: Supply and installation of Landscape lighting.
  • Special Garden Features: Kitchen Garden, Herbs and Medicinal Garden, Rooftop Garden, Vertical Garden and Indoor Garden etc.

Landscape Renovation / Rectification

There will be Exclusive Site visit from our Expert’s Team to understand the existing Landscape scheme and list of planted plant species. Upon successful completion of site walkthrough, we will be furnishing a Site Visit Report with the below details:

  • Details of plant species which are thriving well in the existing conditions.
  • Details of plant species which are not performing well in the existing conditions (which needs to be replaced).
  • Status of current Landscape Maintenance with a detailed report on day to day activities.
  • Snag list on Landscape maintenance (If there are any)
  • Basic inspection of Irrigation System to understand the functionality.

Renovation/rectification works will be carried out based on the site visit report analysis.

Landscape Maintenance

We offer Landscape maintenance service on monthly/need basis. Our expert gardeners will maintain, manicure and nurture the plants. We are good at monitoring the pest and diseases and managing the same with organic and Inorganic methods. We take care of Irrigation and Nutrient management along with good agronomical practices to control weeds and other unwanted plants in the Landscape area. Lawn mowing, edge cutting, Hedge trimming, Tree pruning and other activities will be done with precision and care.

Bring nature in your home.

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